fredag 15 mars 2013


I don’t understand this world, the cold detachment of it all, it makes no sense to me, it’s like the whole world is crazy, or maybe it’s just me...

tisdag 21 februari 2012

no heart

Death to me is no tragedy... death to me is sweet relief  
Life’s tragic... with all the sadness and grief
With all the pain and endless tears
This world is cold and dark
This world has lost its heart

fredag 29 april 2011

Fade away


Too much confusion in my mind
I don’t know what and I don’t know why
How am I suppose to hold on
To this cold and dark place
When my mind tells me
It will always be the same

I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to die
I want to bleed
I want to run
I want to stay
I want to fade away

With this broken heart of mine
How will I find the strength I need to survive
I don’t know how
In this cold and dark place
With all this pain and sorrow
I wish there was no tomorrow

I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to die
I want to bleed
I want to run
I want to stay
I want to fade away

onsdag 23 mars 2011

Broken tears

I never thought I would miss
The tears that didn’t stop
But now when the emptiness
Is worse than the pain
Nothing is all that remains

My tears are broken and I’m numb
All from a pain too strong
Now emptiness is all I feel
I want to cry but there are no tears

The shadows that used to haunt me
Is now a thick black mist
I’m more lost then ever
In this cold forsaken place

There’s no way to go
Nowhere to run
I don’t even know why I’m holding on
Broken tears is all I got
Broken tears in the lonely dark

tisdag 22 mars 2011

I close my eyes

I close my eyes and I see your face
I close my eyes and it feels like you are here
I close my eyes and I see your smile
I close my eyes to be next to you

I never want to open them again
cuz I know that you'll be gone
You won't be here 
and I'll be all alone in this dark room, 
falling into little pieces as I always do 

I close my eyes to look into yours
So heavenly blue deep and pure
I could be lost in them forever
If I just got the chance
And I would never let you go

I close my eyes 
cuz that's the only way I'll ever be with you 

It is

I just want it all to end 
I'm so tired to pretend 

Every smile is a lie 
The truth I keep inside 

It's the pain 
That won't leave 

It's the scars 
That never will heal 

It's the tears 
I cry at nights 

It's everything and nothing 
At the same time 

It's what makes me wish 
I wasn't alive... 

Finns DU där då??? /Are YOU there then???

Finns DU där då??? 

En kniv så skinande å vass 
Ett liv så smärtsamt å skört 

En lögn leder till lycka 
Å sanningen till smärta 

En tår rinner från mina ögon 
Som en droppe blod ifrån ett sår 

En smärta så olidlig 
Ett steg å det e slut 

Hopp om lycka försvinner 
Som en låga som blåses ut 

När allt blir för mycket 
Å jag önskar att jag inte fanns    

Finns Du där då??


"Are YOU there then??? 

A knife so shining and sharp
A life so painful and fragile

A lie leads to happiness
And the truth to pain

A tear falls from my eyes
Like a drop of blood from a wound

A pain so unbearable
One step and it's over

Hope of happiness disappears
Like a flame that gets blown out

When everything is too much
And I wish I didn't exist 

Are you there then???"